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Levolor (also doing business as Levolor Window Fashions) is a manufacturer of custom window blinds and shades, stock blinds and shades.

Lena shared her experience, "I ordered 26 Levolor faux wood blinds through Lowe's and after waiting for over a month, they finally got delivered to me by Levolor. After opening the boxes, I found dirty products that had defects, dents, scratches, markings and looked like they were made of low quality materials. I would post pictures here if that was an option. All 26 boxes had some combination of these issues and one friend described them as having been "run over by a truck". I would describe them as having been thrown on the floor, dragged around and stomped on at the manufacturing plant. Some of the slats and valances were not cut cleanly, had shreds of the faux wood material sticking out, were chipped on the ends, and looked like they had been cut by a dull handsaw. I am still waiting for this issue to be addressed by Lowe's, who is still waiting for a response from Levolor. I would not have spent even a penny on them if I had known that these would be the blinds that I would be getting. Lowe's says they may be able to reorder the blinds, but if this is the quality of their product and material, it is not the way that I would want to spend my money and wait another 1-2 months. When I paid the couple thousands of dollars, I expected that I would be receiving professionally-made, new products. Never before in my life have I ordered a new product and received something like this."


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Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Sr. Quality Manager creates conflict and distractions. Obstructs improvements, has no accountability, no integrity & no basic Quality Industry knowledge or skill."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here they use you for all they can without paying a dime more. They don’t appreciate their employees at all. Managers and leaders most of the time have to clue what they are doing . Lay off tenure employees"

Sourcing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Levolor use to be part of Rubber Maid and trying to run the company the same way with less people. Lots of opportunities, but the excutives and senior management do not listen to employees inputs for opportunities for savings."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not value the employee unless you are a supervisor or above. Horrible benefits. Clickish and secretive. Better of working at a fast food restaurant."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"alot of recent changes with management has caused it to be less enjoyable much more competitive than it used to be I dont feel people are given the advancements deserveddaytime worksaturday work u dont get recognition deserved and to competitive"

Rita Murphy says

"I ordered the shear blinds with the remote control because it looked so cool in the store... well, the blinds don’t open all the way, they tilt down. After several phone calls, Levolor told me they won’t open all the way unless you have the cords- wait, what???? So I complained to Home Depot who is allowing me to order the corded ones. Home Depot got stuck with this bill because Levolor wouldn’t help out! Thank you to Home Depot and I’ll NEVER order from Levolor again! Nor will I recommend them to anyone. They are horrible people."

Jay paradiso says

"Bought simple full length verticals . The instructions are just arrogant in the lack of clarity. Snapping the head rails into the metal wall mounts has proved to be next to impossible. On the other hand if you use any where near that kind of force when snapping in the plastic pieces that hold the balance it will snap. I bought these from Lowe’s. I am so pissed after working on this for hours and drilling the holes in my wall for it , I am staring at an undressed un mounted header and three boxes of vanes that I have no use for now. I have installed these before in my previous place but it was another brand and the whole thing went up in about an hour. Would it really cost that much to explain things a little better? I wouldn’t mind paying a little more to get parts that won’t tear up my hands trying to snap them into place. As it stands I have all this crap in my living room Unassembled . Doesn’t need to be this hard if levelor cared just a tiny bit for their customers. "

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